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The best prices in alcohol in La Jonquera

Since the 1950s, La Jonquera has taken advantage of its privileged geographic location to become one of the most important tourist and economic poles of the Costa Brava. The main reason is the low cost of alcohol prices in La Jonquera, compared to France, by the various taxes that tax this type of product in each country.


A journey through the origins of a unique olive oil in the world

There are thousands of places to disconnect, but there are places that have their charm, where the presence of the river, its ravines and mysterious caves invite us to explore a territory that is not only known for its good wine, but also produces one. of the best oils in the world.

How to make a good homemade liquor easily

There is no better way to climax of a good meal than serving our guests a homemade liquor. There are many types and different textures, from the sweetest, to the driest or creamy.

In this article we show you how to prepare your own homemade liquor, easily and simply and what utensils you need to do it.

5 tips for making an authentic paella and delighting your guests

Paella is one of the most popular dishes and the most requested in the world. There is something for everyone, from rice with meat, vegetables or fish and seafood, to the warmest, sweetest, or driest textures.

If you want to learn how to cook it and succeed with your guests, we give you 5 basic tips for making a good Paella.

One of the oldest desserts in European cuisine: Sant joseph’s cream.

Catalan cream is one of the oldest and most traditional desserts in Catalan cuisine. It is also known as "burnt cream" or "Sant Joseph’s cream". Made with egg, sugar, flour, and milk; and with a layer of sugar on top that make it irresistible.

But ... where does the Catalan cream come from, why is it a tradition to eat it on Sant Josephs’ day? In this article we reveal the origin and its tradition.

FastGood in El Portús

A small shop located in the main street of the Portús where we offer products made with first quality food and proximity.