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Benefits of non-alcoholic beer


Does  non-alcoholic beer have benefits?  Many people think that the only goal of beer is to refresh and raise the body's alcohol levels a little.

But, if you don't have alcohol, what sense will the beer make?  Does it have vitamins? Is it good for the body? Does non-alcoholic beer get drunk? Does it get fat?

Well, today we want to show you all the wonderful benefits of non-alcoholic beer, as well as the properties that make it good for your health and that of pregnant women.

What is non-alcoholic beer and what are its characteristics?

Non-alcoholic non-alcoholic beer is beer that handles an alcohol content index less than or equal to 1% ABV.

Before, that percentage was 0.05% ABV, but since 2016 the legislation allows those that reach 1% ABV to be considered "non-alcoholic beer" beer.

This is the index that is handled because it is impossible to guarantee that beer is 100% free of alcohol.

And, although it seems impressive, the non-alcoholic beer is frothy, delicious, and pleasant, especially for those balcony afternoons with conversations with friends.

Therefore, let's talk about the advantages of non-alcoholic beer for your health.

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The 13 Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

Although this non-alcoholic beer has many pros, in this post we are going to mention only 13 benefits of non-alcoholic beer for your overall health, even for pregnant women.

1. It is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants

Non-alcoholic beer has more than 2,000 substances that contribute to the optimal and healthy functioning of your entire body.

Among these are proteins, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that make it a much healthier drink than any soft drink or soda, which has a high level of sugar and is harmful to your health.

2. Perfect for those suffering from hypertension

Non-alcoholic Beer has a low sodium index, which is perfect for you, if you suffer from hypertension or blood pressure, or if you live in Spain, where the rate of people with this disease is 30%.

You no longer need to stop having a beer to refresh yourself and share with friends. You can have a non-alcoholic beer and enjoy its enormous benefits.

Of course, if you suffer from hypertension, we always recommend that you go to your specialist doctor and that he approves that you consume it and in what quantities.

3. Non-alcoholic beer is hydrating

In ancient times, drinking non-alcoholic beer would have been much healthier than drinking water, since the latter had a high rate of contamination and agents that were not eliminated.

Although this is not the case today, we must say that non-alcoholic beer contains 95% water, an ideal drink to hydrate you on the hottest summer days or to taste certain foods.

4. It is nutritious

Another benefit of non-alcoholic beer is that it contains a high index of vitamin B, which contributes to the accelerated and optimal formation of red blood cells and DNA reconstruction.

In addition, it is very nutritious in folic acid, estimating that consuming two beers of regular size contributes 12% of the amount that is recommended per day.

5. It has 3 times more folic acid than milk

Non-alcoholic beer can be perfect for those who need to consume folic acid daily, such as pregnant women because it triples the folic acid in milk.

In fact, experts recommend that, if you want to get pregnant, it is necessary that you consume folic acid for a month before pregnancy.

It is in the first 4 weeks of foetal formation that the health of the neural tube is most conditioned by the healthy diet you eat.

6. Has calcium and potassium

The health of your bones, muscles and nervous system will be impressively enhanced with non-alcoholic beer, as it contains calcium and potassium in good proportions.

7. Contains fibre

Fibre is one of the most important components in your daily diet. And non-alcoholic beer has a good amount of fibre because it is made from barley, oats, and wheat.

Barley, for example, contains a large proportion of beta-glucans, which is a soluble fibre capable of benefiting the digestive system and preventing constipation.

8. Prevents aging

The elixir of youth is non-alcoholic beer, as it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent aging.

In fact, malt, from which silicon comes, fulfils a neuro-protection role, in addition to the fact that hops have phenolic compounds that increase the rejuvenating effect.

9. Non-alcoholic beer does NOT make you fat

Many people think that non-alcoholic beer makes you fat, do you think so too? Well, we are happy to inform you that this is a false myth.

As we said before, non-alcoholic beer is made 95% water, plus it contains a low level of calories, which makes it NOT fattening when consumed.

It is a great relief for you to know that you can drink non-alcoholic beer without the risk of gaining a few extra pounds. Pure enjoyment; no fat.

10. It's good for your kidneys, heart, and bones

The percentage of water and potassium contained in non-alcoholic beer give it a diuretic effect that prevents the formation of stones and stones in the kidneys, since you go more to the bathroom.

This "non-alcoholic beer" drink increases good cholesterol and has diabetes prevention effects.

On the other hand, you reduce by 42% the probability of suffering from heart disease. Yes, the benefits of non-alcoholic beer are many.

The bones get a higher density, but if the beer is consumed moderately. Otherwise, the effect wears down the bone system.

11. Beat insomnia

The hops in this beer have calming and sedative effects, which stimulates the body's serotonin and contributes to better rest and sleep.

Of course, the excess of this drink alters the correct development of rest, so it is necessary that you consume it in moderation.

12. Prevents neurodegenerative diseases

The B vitamin contained in beer non-alcoholic beer contributes to the proper functioning of the brain, the nervous system and contributes to greater cell regeneration.

On the other hand, the silicon, phosphorus, and magnesium that compose it helps to avoid Alzheimer's.

13. Relieves menopausal symptoms

The last benefit of our list will ensure that when you consume non-alcoholic beer you will alleviate the effects of menopause, which are quite uncomfortable.

Contraindications of non-alcoholic beer

Although the problems produced by non-alcoholic beer are almost nil, especially compared to traditional beer, it is necessary to mention some.

Even if your alcohol content is very low, it should not be consumed when you are taking a treatment that has sertraline or corticosteroids, as it cuts its effect.

In addition, non-alcoholic beers should not be mixed with antidepressants, as the effect is negative. It can only be taken with 0.0 beer.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of non-alcoholic beer for your health, especially if you consume it correctly, without abusing it.

If you suffer from any degenerative or cardiovascular disease, consult with your doctor before taking it.

Benefits of non-alcoholic beer

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